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Since 1986, Pro-Kold (formerly Dura-Kold Corporation) has demonstrated its commitment to improving cryotherapeutic modalities, and its skill at providing products carefully tailored to the needs of its customers. Pro-Kold has become the major cold therapy company by single-mindedly devoting its resources solely to cryotherapy.

Unlike some other large companies that offer cryotherapy devices as a sideline, Pro-Kold only pursues cold therapy, and thus takes cryotherapy research and product development with the seriousness the subject deserves. Pro-Kold has developed a fine reputation among customers seeking quality products at reasonable prices.

Pro-Kold continues to explore new means of providing cryotherapy, with an expanding line of cold therapy products that include new athletic wraps, consumer wraps, as well as equine wraps.

About Cryotherapy:

Cold Compression therapy is a proven method to aid in mending injuries and speed postoperative healing.

The body reacts to any soft-tissue trauma, whether due to injury or surgery, by initiating the first stage of healing known as the inflammatory response. Immediately the blood vessels that have been traumatized begin to hemorrhage. At the same time, the traumatized cells release enzymes and proteins which (1) activate local pain receptors; (2) increase the permeability at the blood vessel walls; (3) attract immune chemicals and cells to the site via a rush of fluids which begin to accumulate and thus create edema (swelling). The excess fluid floods the site and separates healthy cells in the vicinity from their oxygen source. As a result, many healthy cells suffer secondary tissue damage called "hypoxic injury" which can cause more cell destruction and edema than the original trauma.

Cryotherapy breaks this cycle and dramatically decreases the tissue loss from hypoxic injury. It accomplishes that by reducing the metabolic activity of the still-healthy cells. By requiring less oxygen, the volume of fluid is reduced and edema is lessened.

To Summarize, Cryotherapy:
(1) Produces anesthesia by decreasing nerve conduction velocity, thereby reducing pain and the use of narcotics.
(2) Decreases secondary hypoxic injury by decreasing the metabolic demands of surrounding tissue cells.
(3) Decreases edema by limiting fluid infiltration in the area.